Vitagoods Face and Body Brush Review | A Must Have!

Vitagoods Face and Body Brush Review

You would agree that most of us have been through a thought of buying a face brush at some point in time. We have tried to look on Google too but most probably end up not deciding. This is because of the humongous options we have online and the variation of the price that it comes with. I somehow took the plunge and decided to buy one. Here’s my Vitagoods Face and Body Brush review.

Pros: Easy to use and clean, 4 options of brushes, waterproof, mobile, cheap and effective in comparison with other options, a noticeable difference from first use, another set of brushes can be bought if there’s going to be more than one user.

Cons: It works on 4 AA batteries which need to be changed in every 10-15 days.

Warranty: 2 years. You can contact Vitagoods directly for any issues.

Ideal For: Men and Women

My Rating: 7.5/10

Cheapest Place to Buy: India / U.S. / U.K. (Amazon)

Why Should You Care?

If you follow a daily skin-care routine, you must be keeping a good skin and may not have any issues. But there’s always a way to improve things. This brush does it for you. It cleanses the skin well enough that you notice a smoother, clearer and more radiant skin from first few uses.

On the other hand, if you have oily skin or you get breakouts frequently, Vitagoods brush can help you deal with it in just 2 to 3 minutes every day by removing the excess oil and reducing bacteria. It greatly impacts any blemishes that you have on your skin and minimizes the appearance of visible pores and fine lines. The moisturizers are absorbed much quicker after cleaning face with the brush which makes it more effective.

Just in case you are a female and reading this review, this product is excellent for taking off your makeup. It is only after you use it;  you will realize that you never got rid of your make-up completely by washing your face with hands earlier (one of my female friends told me this after using it).

vitagoods 4 facial brushes

How and When to Use?

It is very easy to hold and simple to use. I apply my daily scrub before using the brush on the face to have a better cleaning experience. You can use this with your favorite skin products; just make sure they are not abrasive.

I use it every night before going to bed on the face, altering between the gentle facial brush and exfoliating facial brush followed by a moisturizer. If you have sensitive or dry skin, I would recommend you to use it once, every two days when you begin. You can always change the frequency as per your likes and requirement. It can also be brought to the shower to make use of the body brush and pumice stone as a much effective alternative to the loofah.

Time To Put An End To This Search!

I searched and researched for about 15 days before I decided to go with it and the whole idea to write this review is to save you from all that trouble. Go ahead and give it a try. I’m sure you will love to use it.

P.S. – If you are one of the men who find it a life mystery to choose a gift for someone, like me (especially for a female), this can set the deal for you. I have gifted this to a few people myself and have got some amazing response. It’s your time now. Check it out on Amazon (India / U.S. / U.K.).

P.P.S. – If your country is not listed above, you can leave it in the comment below and I’ll try to get the best offer for you.

Shoot Your Questions!

I’ve tried to keep the review short and simple with most important details but I know some questions must have popped up in your mind, and it’s great. Comment them down and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

You are also welcome to leave any feedback or your own experience with this product. I’d love to hear them.

Happy Skin to You!




  1. Great article, I now use a regular facial soap but I guess this does a better job keeping my skin clean.
    Would you recommend using it morning and evening or only once a day?

    • Hi Paulina,

      Do not use this more than once a day. Some people even prefer to use it every two days.
      Also, use it before you go to bed and don’t forget to moisturize your face.
      You are welcome to share your experience post using it.


  2. I was looking for that kind of brush for a while but didn’t know wich one to buy. Now that I read your review I think I will give a try to this one. I own a brush of that kind before and totally loved it but it broke a couple weeks after the warranty was over. Do you know if the interchangeable brushes are under warranty?

    • Hi Daphne,

      This is worth trying. The interchangeable brushes are not covered under warranty and it is advisable to replace them after 3-4 months of use anyway.


  3. This is some good and beneficial information, it will be something that I’m going to consider. I appreciate your research on how to take care of your skin for men and woman, but particularly for men. And I’m looking forward to doing more research on this. Nice website, and thank you.

    • Hi Alquante,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. It means a lot.
      Keep checking the website for updates and keep your skin healthy.


  4. I suffer from dry skin, especially on my face so this is something I might need to try in moderation. Does it work when you have stubble on your face or do you have to be clean-shaven to use it?

    • Hi Jamie,

      The first advice that I give to anyone suffering from dry skin is to keep their skin hydrated. This would help you to keep your skin healthy in a long run.

      This brush doesn’t have problems with stubble. 😉
      I have it myself. But you do not need to use it over stubble. Just use this on your cheeks without stubble, forehead, nose area, and neck (if you like).
      This would take care of the purpose.

      You are welcome to come back here and share your experience after using the brush.


  5. This looks like a great product. I’m looking for a product that cleans facial pores to avoid blackheads. Have you seen a difference on these?

  6. Outstanding site, navigation is very easy.. And the products you are promoting sound great. I deal with skin issues since I am diabetic and have been most my life and you are correct; men should take care of their skin. Amazing work keep it up and you will go far. Rob

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation. It really means a lot. Diabetes is bad for any disease imaginable. I would still recommend you to follow the Skin-Care Routine. It is simple and worth a try.


  7. You know I have often thought about getting one of these and decided to do some research, just to see what the big fuss is about. I found your post, and it is very informative! All the information I was looking for, you have provided me. I do have one question, does this help to make the skin glow or just help the face in an overall better appearance?

    • Hi Matt’s Mom,

      I am glad that you found this helpful. And as it is mentioned above, this is A MUST HAVE! This brush definitely makes your face more radiant as it removes the blemishes and reduces the appearance of visible pores and fine lines. It all adds up to a glowing skin!

      I would love if you can come back here and share your experience with this product with all the readers after using it.


  8. I never really considered using skin products before. I always left that for the women. But why should we men not take care of our skin too. I appreciate the review and will consider this product. Do you have any suggestion for dark circles under the eyes.

    • Hi David,

      I couldn’t be happier than making a difference and a change of thought in men’s life. As I say, time has come that we men start caring for our skin too. Thanks a lot for your words. It would be great if you can come back here after using the product and share your experience with all the readers.

      Regarding Dark Circles – New York Laboratories Dark Circle Eye Cream works just fine. You should definitely give it a try.


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