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Ever wondered why you do not have a smooth skin like your friend even when you use the same product as him? Well, chances are that’s where you went wrong! Not everyone has the same skin type and it is of utmost importance to know yours before you start searching for products for your skin. But how to know your skin type is one critical question. However, the answer is simple and easy to achieve.

Let’s do The Skin Type Test for you!

  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser/face wash and pat dry with a towel. This will clean the skin removing any dirt on it.
  • Do not apply anything to your face for at least 90 mins. I would not even recommend touching your skin during this period. The idea is to get your skin to its natural state.
  • After 90 mins, take two tissue papers. This is the time you will determine your skin type.
  • Maneuver one tissue paper over forehead and nose area called “T-Zone” and the other one over rest of the face.

Examine both the tissue papers now. Possible Results:

how to know your skin type?

Normal Skin – You would find no oil on either of the tissues. In fact, your skin will be smooth and supple. If this is you, it’s time to throw a party. People with normal skin can maintain a great skin with simple daily routine.

Dry Skin – There would be no oil on any tissues for this skin type too. However, you may feel taut or show flakes of dead skin on your face. People with dry skin need to hydrate their skin both inside out. Here’s how!

Combination Skin – This skin type is the reason we took two tissues in the first place. If you have combination skin, the T-Zone area (forehead and nose) on your face will resemble shiny as they produce most of the oil but rest of the face could be either normal or dry. So, one of the tissues will have oil and one will not. This skin type is most common.

Oily Skin – Both the tissues will have oil on them. The face looks greasy all the time and maintains a shine. People with oily skin mostly have large pores and are prone to acne.

You thought you have Sensitive Skin? | We got you covered too!

Sensitive Skin – It’s not one of the major skin types but an additional condition of the skin. You could have any of the four skin types mentioned above and may or may not be accompanied by sensitive skin. People lie in this category need to choose the products cautiously as they may easily get rashes, redness, and itchiness.

What’s Next?

So, now that you know what category you fall under, you have won half the battle. Next step is to find a product that would suit you and get going.

Happy Skin to You!




  1. Great article! I have been following your website for some time now and find it lucid and very well useful.

    Some queries though!

    1. You still didn’t explain how to test about sensitive skin? Is there any test to know if I have sensitive skin? (cause I think I have one, maybe?)

    2. Moreover, I don’t understand meaning of the term ‘sensitive’ here, sensitive as to what? Is it a particular acid or ingredient to which I may be sensitive? Or other things such as dust, pollution etc? And what may possibly be the solution for that type of skin?

    I really understood the concept of oily and dry skin, but here I am confused. Please advice me here.

    • Hi Prem,

      Glad that you found the article useful.

      I myself have a Sensitive Skin so I know where you are coming from; let me answer your questions:

      1. I’m not aware of methods that you could use at home to find out if you have sensitive skin or not, the reason being, it varies from person to person.
      I know my skin is sensitive because every time it comes in contact with dust, I get blackheads and pimples in a matter of a few hours only.

      Now, if you think you have a sensitive skin too, there must be a reason behind it. What is it? What made you think so?

      2. I have used “sensitive” in a general form. The skin could be sensitive to anything such as dust, sunlight, some kind of chemicals, etc. This varies from person to person.
      If you notice a pattern, like, every time you go out in sun and sweat, or every time you use a certain product, your skin starts to itch or you get some pimples – that’s how you know your skin is sensitive to that specific element.

      You can always consult a dermatologist and find out the exact “thing” your skin is sensitive to, and then use precautions accordingly.

      I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any other query regarding your skin.


  2. Not only men, but women too can benefit from your article. I am getting older and I do not know which type of skin I have. I do know, however, that since two weeks, I have acne at the left side of my chin and I do not like it. I suppose I have the oily skin. I will do the test you suggest in your article. Thank you Anubhav!

    • Hi Anne,

      I never miss a chance to mention that all the information on this site can be utilized by women too and this will stand true until I post something regarding shaving. LOL 😉
      Go ahead and take the test and then choose your skin-care products based on that. You will love it.


  3. Excellent!!! I think all men should be reading this! As a Beauty Therapist I have tried for years to advise my Husband but he takes no notice, he takes one look at your very well informed post and has decided that he needs to sort out his skin routine. Not only that but he has actually followed your tutorial, brilliant and thank you for educating my Husband. Passing on knowledge is very challenging but have to say that you have managed this with such ease, I have taken note 🙂

    • Hi June,

      Glad I was of some help to you and your husband.
      I hope he takes one more step and actually does a bit towards his skin-care.
      Thank you for sharing.


  4. Great post. I think I will try this although I feel like I have healthy skin. It kinda depends on the time of year. Seem s like winter time is a bit harsher on my skin than other times of year.

    • Hi Brent,

      Knowing your skin type and using products accordingly can benefit you in a long run. I would encourage you to start following a daily skin-care routine at least. You will feel the difference.


  5. Anubhav,

    Skin care is such an important part of lives, we should always be aware of what needs to be done. Taking care of the skin is crucial. Many people especially male folks don’t seem to take that seriously particularly youth. They have to take measures to ensure that they take good care of the skin.

    Great information here.


    • Hi Benito,

      Indeed. That was the whole purpose of creating the website. Glad that you liked the information.
      Thanks for your input.


  6. Great information! I had my son follow the steps, and I was totally wrong his skin type. This is a great way to determine it. Very good and useful information! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Matt’s Mom, (I love the username)

      Pleased that you liked the info. It is very important for everyone to know their skin type and take care of it accordingly. Have Matt visit this website and let me know how he feels about it.


  7. I think I have sensitive skin, do you think I should get hypoallergenic cleansers for my face or will “regular” ones do the job?

    • Hi Furkan,

      First advice would be to get affirm about your skin type. It is a one-time process for the rest of your life. Once you are sure that you have sensitive skin, you must try a hypoallergenic cleanser. I am sure you will notice the difference.


  8. Very interesting. I think I am a combination type. Sometimes it is oily and sometimes I have some kind of white thing on my cheeks (like a dry dead skin remainings). I like natural remedies like egg white mask ( used it a few times). Tell me what you think about that.

  9. I suffer with psoriasis, especially on my face when stressed. I did know about the different skin types, but I do like your presentation. Very interesting reading.

    • Hi Francis,

      Glad that you liked it. Have you been using any face cream for Psoriasis? I would recommend you to check out Sorion. It’s natural and quite effective. You are welcome to share your experience here.


  10. Skin Type????

    That is epic, didn’t even know there was such a thing as skin type, your tutorial is intriguing, I’m TOTALLY gonna try this, I had acne bad once, but its WAY better now, but this could even make my face that much more perfect lol. Great post.

    • Hi AJ,
      It makes a lot of difference when you use right products and treat your skin right. And the first step to that is to know about your skin type. I am glad that you got to know something new. It is also very important to treat your acne well and I have a post that will guide you, how! Check this out – Acne Solution.

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