Benefits of Water for Skin

drink water for good skin

How many times have you heard a celebrity giving credits to drinking enough water for their beautiful, glowing skin? Quite enough, right? But we all know that’s just half the story. There’s a lot more to the skin than just drinking water. However, without a doubt, water is essential for all the organs and believe it or not there are benefits of water for skin too.


We all have studied that 70% of human body is made up of water. In fact, the cells which get a special mention when we discuss skin, are made up of water. So, as we get rid of the dead skin cells, we need enough water for new cells to be generated. Without adequate water intake, skin appears dull, dry, and get prone to wrinkles.

How much?

But all this comes down to, how much water should we drink in a day? Well, make sure you do not keep yourself thirsty for a long time or even a short period of time for that matter. It is said that we should drink about 8 to 10 glasses or 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily. However, there’s more to the story.

Benefits of Water for Skin

My Story with Water!

It may sound a little weird but I’m someone who doesn’t feel thirsty very often and even if I do, I can resist myself if there are no resources. And no doubt, because of this I always had some or the other issues with my skin. When I first came across this fact about water, I literally started drinking a liter of water in one go because I wasn’t habitual of drinking water every now and then. A couple of things changed but none for the skin.

After drinking a liter of water I felt full (like I have eaten a lot) and I was making 4-5 rounds of the toilet to pee for the next 2-3 hours.

You see, water is absorbed and used slowly within our body and if you give too much of water to the body, it will just come out as a waste (not that it would harm your body but it’s not fulfilling the purpose too). Getting frustrated of ending up to the toilet after drinking water I decided to change the plan.

I started drinking lesser water between short intervals during the whole day. Now, I was drinking a glass or two over every 1.5 to 2 hours. And this is what made the difference. No, I didn’t get a beautiful, glowing skin in an instant but I could really feel the difference this routine had made. I would recommend keeping a water bottle with you while working because that’s the time we are most likely to avoid water.

But, wait…

Remember, water can only affect your skin from inside. In fact, our skin is the last organ water reaches to. So, what about the outer layer of the skin? Skin needs to be hydrated and no matter how much water you drink, you would need to hydrate your skin from the top.

Use a moisturizer after every wash/shower to make sure the skin on top is being taken care of. Read “Best Moisturizer for Men“.

P.S. – Everyone will not agree that water is good for skin (exceptions are always there!) but there’s no harm in drinking enough water. After all, we need water to live, right?

P.P.S – Kindly, do not waste water and educate people not to do too. It’s a god’s gift and we should value it.

Are you already drinking enough water, how does that work? Or you will start right now? Or if you have any questions? Feel free to write down your thoughts in the comment below!

Happy Skin to You!



  1. Yes, I believe what you mention in your post. An obesity friend of mine, by drinking plain water after 4 p.m. before he retires to bed over a year. He lost 15 Kg. It is amazing.

  2. really interesting, i drink a lot of water and filter it before, i hate the taste of chlorine but anyway i noticed that by eating more fruit and veggies that have a high content of water i don’t need to drink more than a 2 litres a day!

    • Hi Luca,

      Eating fruits that have high water content is a great way to keep yourself hydrated too.
      Thank you for sharing your idea.


  3. I am a stickler for not properly hydrating. Anubhav, you are very accurate about the effects of how water has an impact on how healthy your skin looks. I need to do my part and start heavily drinking more water.

    • Hi Steven,

      I’m pleased that you found this information helpful and hope that you can begin your journey to a Happy Skin. Thank you for stopping by.


  4. Thanks for the advice Anubhav. I feel that you are correct in talking about hydration being little and often! I’m must heed the advice.

    • Francis,

      Keeping yourself hydrated is a crucial part of skin-care. I’m glad that you liked it and carrying forward the advice.


  5. I actually try taking care of my skin but these days I do lots of workout sessions and I don’t know how many times I should use moisturizers. Normally I use at nights and mornings and when I see your post about water I remembered my problem. I have oily skin by the way. Will 2 times be enough or should I do it more?

    • Hi Furkan,
      Working out is great for skin as it let all the dirt out with sweat. The water intake should be taken care of, at the same time, though. Make sure you drink water at regular intervals and keep hydrated. If you have oily skin, moisturizing your skin twice daily is enough.

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